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September 23rd, Red Line Radio Is Taking Part In The Lap Allstar Challenge

Do you have an iPhone?  If the following answer to your question was “no” then I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you and you need to catch up to 2017 immediately.  If yes, open your reminders and save the date on September 23rd – this is an event I promise is a flat out blast to be at. Long story short, it’s a 12” charity softball game between ex-Cubs and ex-Sox players of years ago, followed by a barbecue afterwords where you get to mingle with all of the players.  There’s legit no excuse to...

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Red Line Radio Presents: The Tryout – Part I

Look, Carl and I talk a big game.  Anyone who listens to our podcast knows that.  It’s undoubtedly just the cocky Chicago attitude we have embedded deep in our gene pools, but at the same time he pitched in the Big Ten and I drunkenly hit 88 at a Sox game last summer on a gun that probably hasn’t been calibrated in since the Karkovice era, and that’s all the reinforcement we really need to know that we are ready for the Big Leagues.  Since Rick and Theo haven’t banged down our doors (yet), we figured indy ball was...

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The White Sox Select Jake “Beef” Burger #11 Overall

Well this is a surprise.  Not in a surprise in a bad way, because Jake Burger can absolutely mash, which we’ll get to in a minute, but a surprise because literally nobody saw the White Sox taking Jake Burger 11th overall today.   I had 3 or 4 scouting report blogs ready to go on players I thought would fall to the Sox today, including JB Bukauskas, Jeren Kendall, and yes, Austin Beck, though that was probably a pipe dream.  Let’s dig into this selection: First, I want to talk about the players the White Sox didn’t draft really quickly:...

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White Sox Draft Preview: Jeran Kendall, Future Superstar… Maybe… But Probably Not, In My Worthless Opinion

After my good friend Rick (Hahn) locked up the consensus number 1 amateur free agent last month in Luis Robert, all organizational eyes shifted to the 11th overall pick First Year Players Draft, held June 12-14th in Secaucus, NJ. The White Sox first pick will represent the next phase of Project Rebuild, as they will add more depth and hopefully future star power to an already loaded farm system. Before we get into the 11th pick, here are a few brief nuggets: Unless Hunter Greene commands obscene over-slot money and slides, he, Brendan McKay, MacKenzie Gore, and Kyle Wright...

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White Sox Draft Preview: Austin Beck, Future Superstar

White Sox fans more or less know every single prospect, potential draftee and international free agent like the back of their hand at this point. It’s a new feeling to us; we’re usually zeroing in on a middle of the road 1st round pick that may or may not pan out into a solid Major League contributor, though over time we have become conditioned to expect the latter or a shitty free agent signing of a dude who’s like 35 and filing for AARP. Shit’s changed under my good friend Rick (Hahn) and Co.’s tutelage. That’s a fact I...

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