Here’s a blog I never expected to write. Not in a million years. And at this point, this really shouldn’t be a surprise… Addy’s wife, Melisa, came out of the gate last night HOT with the social media fire flames burn of the MLB 2017 season:


Being free to be able to make your own choices for your own happiness beats being cheated on, lied to, & disrespected any day. #herestonewbeginnings #onlygetsbetterfromhere

That’s not the kind of stuff you want to see from the emerging young superstar that’s assumed to quarterback the defense up the middle from now until his retirement. In fact, it’s the complete opposite of what you want. Young married guys chasing skirt in MLB should have heeded the advice of common sense and not gotten wifed up before becoming a superstar. That’s obviously a fact. But that’s not where this gets really interesting…

And this is where things start to come together. The entire situation is devoid of any facts at this point, but here’s what we know: Addison Russell has hit close to .140 since the end of April. He has been a zombie. Even his defense, the one consistent characteristic in pretty much any baseball player, has been inconsistent relative to his own standards this year. The guy has looked like shit. Now maybe that’s the injury bug, but maybe it’s the mental bug that comes along when you beat your wife and realize Oh fuck, as soon as this gets out, I’m fucked. Which makes playing this game extremely more difficult, allegedly.

The real story here though is what happens moving forward. MLB should know quickly if this is a legitimate concern or not, and when they do, that news will travel very quickly. This will either be resolved by the end of the month with a “that was silly for even thinking about it” or it will bleed on through for the next 2-3 years of Russell’s career without ever really fading away. Extremely different outcomes on either side.

Then finally, it will be interesting to watch Theo and Ricketts manage this situation as it unfolds. Russell is 100% a bonafide superstar in the making, but my impression of Ricketts is that the organization is so much bigger than any one player or person, including himself, Rizzo, Theo and KB. If those guys are held accountable at a high standard, so will Russell too meaning that if this investigation proceeds and there’s merits in the accusations, don’t expect Russell to be getting a lot of face time down the road in 2017.

For now, let’s keep our eyes and ears open to the news that comes out, and never forget that nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever justify putting your hands on a woman, much less the goddamn mother of your children.