1. That’s awesome. Let’s get that out of the way. Great piece of hitting from a real pro’s pro’s hard-nosed baseball guy. We love it.

108mph is hard #FYI

2. I’m not trying to be salty. I’m really not. I just can’t wrap my head around Ian Happ hitting two bombs Sunday night against the cardinals and then sitting on Monday and Tuesday. Like we’re not talking about damage done in the second half of a September makeup doubleheader against some meat AAA farmhand in a meaningless game. We’re talking about primetime. We’re talking about the cardinals. We’re talking about a guy going 2-22 with 10 strikeouts and 1 walk in the last week of May then practically completing a sweep himself against our arch nemesis.

3. That should get you 4 plate appearances the very next game no questions asked.

4. All this depth is really fucking with my emotions.

5. HD images for your viewing pleasure. Love Almora’s celly face: