Well fuck me sideways. Kris Bryant is one of the 5 best players on the planet and this could NOT have come at a worse time. Like it’s been hard enough playing musical chairs with everyone else on this goddamn team. Bryzzo can only do so much. The real freaking out can wait until we get word back on how significant the injury is. General rules of thumbs (or however you pluralize that)… strain = okay… tear = fuck me. I want to get more information before I start sending my hand through anything. For now, probably a good time to remind everyone that there’s been something off about this 2017 club from the get go. The fact that KB will 100% be sidelined at least a few weeks is only going to make that feel a lot worse. But hey on the bright side, at least we now have some playing time open up for the youngsters to get consistent reps. At the same time, I getting pretty sick and tired of this bright side stuff. LFG.