Look, Carl and I talk a big game.  Anyone who listens to our podcast knows that.  It’s undoubtedly just the cocky Chicago attitude we have embedded deep in our gene pools, but at the same time he pitched in the Big Ten and I drunkenly hit 88 at a Sox game last summer on a gun that probably hasn’t been calibrated in since the Karkovice era, and that’s all the reinforcement we really need to know that we are ready for the Big Leagues.  Since Rick and Theo haven’t banged down our doors (yet), we figured indy ball was the logical first step to living out our dreams.

As my good friend George Costanza once said, “it’s not a lie if you believe it.”  And we truly believed we were good enough to sign contracts on the spot.  I mean, not really like at all but we knew we’d go in there and at least not embarrass ourselves.  Sure we were out of shape.  Sure we had a few brews in the parking lot at 8am before the tryout and were probably a little lethargic. Sure we had to lie about our ages like we were Cubans floating on a piece of plywood to Miami with aspirations of playing professional baseball in America and couldn’t actually sign contracts because the league age max is 26.  But none of that matters.  What matters is we went in there ready to play some fucking baseball.

Part II will be Carl pitching against their actual team in a scrimmage, and me hitting off pitchers sitting 93-95.  Should be a real hoot!

We also plan on throwing a bash at a game in July and filming parts II and III.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE THERE!  $3 you-call-its, need I say more?

Big shout out to Brian Naughton who is a legit award-winning camera man for the video work and Ozzie Stern for killing it on social media for us, throw them a follow:

PS – Diet starts NOW.  Holy shit, I have to be the only person on the history of earth who’s gained wait while simultaneously training for a marathon