Do you have an iPhone?  If the following answer to your question was “no” then I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you and you need to catch up to 2017 immediately.  If yes, open your reminders and save the date on September 23rd – this is an event I promise is a flat out blast to be at.

Long story short, it’s a 12” charity softball game between ex-Cubs and ex-Sox players of years ago, followed by a barbecue afterwords where you get to mingle with all of the players.  There’s legit no excuse to not be there.  Just look at these rosters!


Show me someone who doesn’t wanna throw back beers with Diamond Joe Crede or Big Z or shoot the shit Scotty Pods about his game 2 walk off and I’ll show you someone who’s got a big fat dump in their pants.  And who knows, maybe Brian Anderson will give ya a pointer or two on how to bang a Playboy Playmate?  The possibilities are endless

We will be doing man on the street type interviews with as many of the players as possible, including previous guests Adam Greenberg and Brian Anderson.  I’ll say it again, this is something you won’t wanna miss, and we’ll be giving out a ton of free tickets to those who subscribe to the show.  Any questions fire away by contacting us at the links below!