Diamond Dish will be a weekly MLB roundup featuring gifs, videos, screencaps and anything else from the past week that I deem interesting. Tips/submissions to @OldComiskey. 


Now that the weather is heating up, more people are coming to the ballpark every day. And not only are more people showing up to games, they’re basking in the sun when they get there. The layers… hand warmers… hot cocoa… it’s all gone. All that’s left is A++ camera-on-crowd action from here on out:



Well, A++ for us, but maybe not for this guy

Brutal. Maybe don’t go for the aggressive grab+twist+makeout when she’s just trying to enjoy a damn tallboy at a game.


If getting frisky in the front row with your girl is a no-go, mascots are always up for a weird time


Never change Cleveland.

In Cleveland, the Sox actually almost lost a guy as Jose Abreu took an Andrew Miller slider right to the kneecap and reacted just as you would expect

Fucking ow. He’s not the only one who needed a break though… the Dodgers should probably pencil in Yasiel Puig for an off day (or twenty) since he’s hitting .238 this year.

That’ll happen though. Hitting in the MLB is hard as shit. I mean look at how much movement Michael Fulmer has on his fastball that’s 99 mph


And if you think you have a hitter’s count and can sit on a good pitch to hit….think again. It’s 2-0 pitches like this that give me trust issues.

Speaking of trust issues, everyone developed some of those this week, from players:

To umpires:

To teams, who should be able to count on their ball boys not touching a damn fair ball.

This guy actually plays for the Reds

But that wasn’t as bad as Orlando Calixte, who had one of the worst throws I’ve ever seen from the outfield

That throw was so bad he was sent down to AAA two days later. Sorry man.

Errors are sneaky one of my favorite things to watch, but so are web gems (obviously). Trea Turner has ridiculous speed and is one of the most exciting young players in the game.


He also has sweet flare.

Although when it comes to young exciting players no one tops this guy (freak)

Four. Hundred. Ninety. Five. Feet. Oh and by the way he’s hitting .332.

Even though it was foul, Edwin Encarnacion gave us a MONSTER shot that completely left Progressive Field

And don’t forget about Giancarlo Stanton, dude hit a ball that went OVER the batters eye


That’s it for this week. Plan on a lot more content for next time.

Until then…